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THRU is a complete front-end/back-end software solution for automated retail. Agile, adaptable and customizable. Tailored to fit your unique requirements without the typical long term development cycles and CapEx associated with software integrations. 

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About The Platform



THRU is proprietary software designed with customer convenience as it's cornerstone. Intuitive user flow, interactive customer training, real time information and advertising options, all packaged in a complete software solution.

  • Age verification with integrated biometrics and ID scanning 

  • Customizable UI

  • Robust suite of APIs

  • Apple/Android Pay supported

  • Real time data, reporting and analytics via the user admin console 

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Real-time data & analytics

THRU Software tracks your sales, inventory, and data live from where ever you are. THRU can notify you when products have reached a certain quantity, and will give you all the information you need to generate the reports that help you succeed and be most efficient in what inventory you value most. With your own MYTHRU login you can keep up at all times.

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A different approach, using a new method of convenience.

THRU is for any customer, and places the value in all individuals:

The customer who gets off after the service clerk has clocked out, or who is trying to be discrete about their purchases, who wants to keep their distance and not deal with the crowd. The customer who is still not ready or unable to be around large groups of people. And the customer who is ready to try something new.


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